I also love doing documentary portrait sessions! I offer three different kinds, but if you’re looking for something else just give me a yell and we’ll figure it out.

Full "Day in the Life” session: $1300


Portrait sessions are tailored to fit your needs. I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU TO CREATE A SESSION THAT WORKS FOR YOU!

Inspired by Rowena Meadows, “Day in the Life” sessions are documentary family or couple sessions which elevate the real and raw beauty of your family. Sessions are 8 hours long in order to encourage this realism, but of course you aren’t expected to be “on” for that whole time—you're not even expected to stay with me! The goal is to get as close to an average day for you as we can.
• Around 8 hours of shoot time
• Digital gallery of images
• Photo album

Mini "Day in the Life” session: $300

For families looking for that documentary flavor in their next session but who can’t spend the time or money on a full session, I offer mini “day in the life” sessions.

• Around 1.5 hours of shoot time
• Digital gallery of images

Babysitting Session: $500

Babysitting sessions are something I started doing on accident, but I really love them! For around four hours, take a break and leave the kid(s) to me. I’ll teach them a little about photography and how to use my cameras before we hang out and take photos of our time together.

• Around 4 hours of shooting time
• Digital gallery of images