studio photography

Ten Frames: Isabella Barberena

I think I met Isabella at a Pure Romance party where I got excessively drunk and she stayed sober and peaced out early (understandably). We’ve been Facebook friends ever since, which is cool because she has a similar sense of humor to me.

Isabella Barberena is a model, actress, and singer in Minnesota. I knew this before we got together, but I was still really surprised by how effortlessly she moved into different poses. I barely even directed her, because she seemed to know throughout the shoot the most interesting ways to position her body. Considering we’ve barely spoken outside of Facebook & Instagram, I think I was expected a bit more awkwardness? Slowly easing into things? But instead, she effortlessly worked my camera TIL IT WAS DEAD.

If you’re around the Twin Cities, I highly recommend working with Isabella. I mean, hell, the pictures I took of her on the weird stool— some of my favorite ever— happened after she saw the stool and said she had an idea. She knows what she’s doing.

Ten Frames: Cierra Taylor

My friend Cierra is a content creator in beauty & fashion, according to her Instagram. Which is a really freaking beautiful Instagram feed, one I often scroll through with jealous eyes. Cierra is an exceptionally talented product photographer. She’s also an exceptionally sweet person, and I’m so lucky she had time to stop by for a little bit before we left Minneapolis.

I was feeling a little empty-headed this morning, but Cierra worked with me and we ended up with some really lovely portraits. I brought out my new Kate Backdrop for my trip to Minneapolis, so I may have used it a little more than I meant to, but I absolutely love it! Especially with Cierra’s outfit and coat. Dang!

Here are my ten favorite shots from our last-minute studio session. I hope y’all enjoy them as much as me!