couples photography

Ten Frames: Steph & Leah

I’m so glad Steph & Leah reached out to me about photographing their wedding, and I’m especially thrilled their coordinator convinced them to do engagement photos. This session was…easy. More like spending time with a couple of new friends than anything else. Sometimes I had to remind myself I was there to take pictures. I feel very lucky that they chose me, that I’ll get to be a part of their super personal and unapologetically queer wedding day in just a few weeks.

We did this session at Coralville Lake in Iowa City, Iowa. The lake was gorgeous, the dogs were cute and so well behaved, and the breeze was just right— enough for us to feel cool without our hair going every which direction. My goal for this session was to capture who Steph & Leah & Sydney & Artemis are without forcing them into any uncomfortable poses or awkward prompts, and I’m really happy with how the photos turned out. Props too to my friend Aaron Brummer, who gave me the invaluable tip to brighten and warm up the photos. I think this was the right move as it really emphasizes the love in this little family.

Ten Frames: Aiden & Dillon

I’ve known Aiden for four years— four years during which he experienced a lot of major life changes. Some of those were really good changes. Some, I know, were painful. I haven’t actually seen Aiden in a long time, but during our family/couples session in his home, I got to see him laughing and smiling more than ever before. It was incredible to see, and the session was so laid back and comfortable as I learned about his relationship with his partner, Dillon. I chose ten of my favorite frames to share, but honestly, I loved them all. Dillon and Aiden are both smart, funny, and passionate people. May we all find ourselves as happy as them.