Ten Frames: Ashley & Joe

I have a tendency to both overshoot and overshare. I think it’s because I’m still pretty new to this and consistently amazed by the power of photography. Like lately, I’ve been implementing prompts into my photography and really loving the result. For sessions like this one, it helped to capture some of the genuine heart of Ashley and Joe’s relationship without forcing anything. And not only that, some of the prompts led to memorable moments on their own.

Ashley and Joe have known each other forever. They work together now— Ashley manages and Joe runs the kitchen at a popular downtown bar and grill— and it’s clear as you watch them that their relationship is solid, built on a foundation of mutual respect and joy from being near each other. Just look at these pictures! The second in this collection, despite its weak composition, is one of my absolute favorites thanks to the unfiltered love beaming out of Joe’s eyeballs.

I took 370 pictures during this session. A lot of them were just multiple frames of the same prompt, but even so, it was really hard to narrow this album down to about 70. So you can imagine the pain I felt in reducing it even further to my favorite ten for this post! But I hope these ten frames give you a sense for A & J’s personality, and how special they are together! I can’t wait to capture their special day! Ahh! So many exclamation points!

Kathryn Paris