Michelle & Faris

If you know me, you know I am (and I always describe myself as) a connoisseur of love stories. Jane Austen is my favorite author, “Notting Hill” is my favorite romantic comedy, my inner monologue usually sounds like Bridget Jones, and I read books like “Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell until I’ve practically memorized the text.

So then, I shouldn’t be surprised by how much I love wedding photography. My first paid gig was as a second shooter for Luna Photographie at a September wedding, and I was stunned by how at-home I felt. It’s difficult for me to feel upset or sad during a wedding, one of the few events which is (at least for me) all-consuming, distracting to the point that I can’t keep up with current events on Twitter or wallow in my own existential angst. Weddings are a time for celebration, laughing, supporting, loving.

So, of course, when Michelle asked me to photograph her elopement to Faris I immediately answered YES! Or, to be accurate, “OH MY GOD LETS (sic) DO IT!”

What a special time it was, and I felt my luck in being granted access to such an intimate ceremony. I met Faris just a few minutes before the first look and was so touched by his excitement, and by his desperation to see Michelle (who is so clearly his favorite person.) I won’t bore you with my read of Faris & Michelle’s relationship, except to say I’ve never met two people who loved each other so eagerly. The trust they granted me as they held each other before the ceremony was truly a gift— hell, I’m tearing up now remembering it. And I knew then, after the first look and before the officiant arrived, that I was right where I wanted and needed to be. That wedding photography has to be a part of my life moving forward. Love stories are my happy place, and this was a good one.

Anyway, here are some images of the beautiful couple & their ceremony. (And, just an FYI, the officiant rocked. She began the ceremony by talking about feminism and the complexity of marriage, and I was immediately on board.) Thank you to Michelle & Faris for letting me in on your beautiful day, and for helping me to find my place in the giant terrifying world of niche photography!