Mandy Paris and Brandon McCasland

Mandy Paris



Photography is therapeutic for me. I hope to be able to do it for forever.

Other things about me:

  • I hate mushrooms!!!! AHH I HATE THEM!!!!

  • Which is hard, because I’m a vegetarian.

  • I was a goth Linkin Park fan in middle school. I had a reverse-mullet.

  • I’m a disability rights advocate.

  • I’m a big Nicktoons fan, and Helga Patacki is one of my favorite characters EVER.

  • I read/watch anything/everything related to Jane Austen.

  • I’m a big NBA fan— I have some minor loyalties to the Timberwolves, but mostly I just love to watch basketball.

  • My favorite TV show is “The OA”. HAVE YOU SEEN IT?!

    • But I also reeeeally love “The Good Place”! Michael is my favorite character.



Mandy Paris Photography

Brandon Paris McCasland



I’m currently pursuing a doctorate in media studies, but I generally enjoy more hands-on opportunities to be creative. I’ve always come along with Mandy as her assistant, but after a while, I started itching to get my hands on a camera, too. I love wedding photography because it allows me to be creative and capture the joy of your day— without having the spotlight shining on me, haha!


Other things about me:

  • I’m a guitarist who taught myself and can learn pretty much anything by ear.

  • I play a lot of video games. Maybe too many. Maybe not enough.

  • I get along with any and all dogs.

  • I’m a nerd for sports documentaries.

  • I think fried chicken is my favorite food. One of them, anyway.

  • But I’m trying to get away from meat!

  • When I’m interested in a subject, I get really into and learn everything I can about it.

  • I taught Mandy how to drive!

  • I’m from a small town an hour south of Houston, Texas— and actually, I don’t mind the cold.

  • I was a really bad kid. My mom worried my whole childhood that I’d end up a disaster of an adult.