10 Frames: Iley & Christina

I don’t remember exactly when I met Iley. It must have been when we started riding the same bus to the same middle school, because he lived close by and was only a year under me. I just remember that he’s been a friend of mine for a long, long time.

I have a lot of funny and good memories of Iley that I won’t go into as they’re often half-memories, but we did play husband and wife in our high school’s production of “You Can’t Take It With You” and we were both on our high school’s mock trial team (my favorite part of high school). I searched through old Facebook photos and found this picture of us, along with my friend Jessie, being silly during theater practice:

Sorry to all involved for posting this.

I graduated from high school nearly 13 years ago, but Iley and I have kept in touch. Often peripherally, as is customary with high school friends, but I’ve always thought of Iley fondly and since beginning photography he’s been remarkably supportive of me. For example, he told Candice & Zack about me! He and his partner, Christina (Candice’s twin, you might notice), also hired me to be their wedding photographer. We did engagement photos in November, a little later than we were hoping due to my surgery recovery, but it ended up going really well and I love the photos we got together.

Iley is funny, easy going, and unfettered by what others think. Christina is more shy, but when you get her talking it’s clear she’s a passionate and intelligent advocate for herself and others. Before the session, I think all of us were pretty nervous. It’s nerve wracking to have your photo taken in the first place, but we also had a good four locations planned which meant hanging out together for several hours. Hopefully we’d all get along, right? And weirdly, the more I learn about photography and the better I get, the more anxious I am about delivering results that couple will really, really like.

After the first ten minutes, during which I Forgot What Photography Is, I think we all loosened up a bit and started to enjoy the process. And by the end of the day, when Iley & Christina got us dinner and the camera was away, it felt like we were all hanging out with old friends. I could go on and on, but instead, I’ll show you ten of my favorite frames from our time together. And OH YEAH– check out that apartment!