10 Frames: The Kidders

I met the Kidders in January of last year when Cara reached out to me about doing an in-home family session. I was transparent with her that I hadn’t done much family work, but the session turned out to be really great and I took one of my favorite photos of all time on accident.

I hosted some a morning of mini sessions this fall and the only people who signed up were the Kidder family. I was totally fine with this because I LOVE the Kidder family. We’re all kinda awkward together (in a cute way, I swear), and I love to photograph them because they have such great smiles and are up for whatever ideas I might have. And I was just excited to see them again, to see how much their daughter had grown and changed– which turned out to be a lot! She was full of personality and had the best giggles and loved the little dragon I kept around my lens. Also, Otis the pup and I were struggling to connect, but we got a couple good ones!

In terms of my work, there wasn’t so much variety in this session– as a mini, we didn’t have as much time to run around and I was lacking in confidence in general, still coming off of my surgery recovery. But I’m happy with the photos we got, because this beautiful family makes it so easy. Here are my ten favorite frames!