Ashley & Joe’s Wedding

If you’re following along, you might know this post just jumped ahead of like four other posts I’m writing. I know, NOT COOL, but as a wedding photographer first and foremost I just can’t help showing off my weddings when I can! Additionally, this wedding was specifically a portfolio wedding– so I’m really excited to share it. FORGIVE ME!!

Ashley and Joe Flury were married on December 7th, 2019 at the Cedar River Complex Event Center in Osage, Iowa. I started photography around 11:45am while all of the women were getting ready, and I didn’t leave until nearly 10:30pm when my feet were starting to give out on me. The entire ~11.5 hours I was with them, from start to finish, were an incredible whirlwind. Yet, Ashley and Joe both seemed to experience the day with patience, unbothered, as if they were savoring every moment. I’m pretty sure I was more anxious than them.

It’s been a few weeks since this wedding and what I remember most is the smiling & laughing. Ashley looking like a perfect December bride. Telling folks to cuddle up for outdoor photos. Dancing, so much dancing. Friendly vendors– a great DJ and a fun officiant. Love. Beer. Pizza. White, sparkling lights. Joe’s face as he said his vows. Everything beautiful. Serene. Easy.

I had trouble narrowing down the photos I would share from this day, so I did a lot. I left out family formals because those feel so personal to me, but they were fun, too.

Hair and makeup: Roo / Stephanie Mueller Event Styling & Make-Up
Flowers: Amber Hanson, matron of honor
Venue: Cedar River Complex Event Center
First look backdrop: The Stitchery Nook in Osage, IA
DJ: High Life Tunes

Thank you to Ashley & Joe for including me in their day, and to Sheila, Frieda, and Brenda for being so welcoming, to Alexa for killing it as an attendant and for all of the wedding party for their patience.