2019: Year in Review

I don’t know about you, but my 2019 was really damn long. Not in a bad way– it’s just that so much happened. I started a new job, I did a huge rebrand with Launch Your Daydream, I got major surgery, we lost two of Brandon’s grandparents, our cat nearly died, my hand started falling apart, and I got to photograph some amazing, beautiful, sweet people. My skills in photography and photo editing have certainly improved, but not without a lot of mistakes and embarrassment on my end.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned:

  • Proper editing for my style.
  • How to use manual off-camera flash.
  • That I like wide angle lenses.
  • I can’t shoot a dance floor without flash. Period. Buck up.
  • To embrace the chaos of children.
  • Canon and Nikon are not interchangeable.
  • I’m a prime lens photographer, through and through.
  • Doing photography even as a part time and supplemental business is EXPENSIVE and I need to be charging accordingly.
  • I have serious impulse control issues.

Here’s what I’m working on in the new year:

  • Following creative urges.
  • Improving my client experience.
  • My confidence during group portraits.
  • Embracing my style and leaning into it rather than experimenting constantly.
  • Establishing clear expectations for wedding photography with my clients & following through with those expectations. Not because clients haven’t been happy, but I basically have a panic attack after every gallery I send until I hear back. What if I didn’t take enough _____ kind of photos? This is easy to fix if I establish our expectations.

My 18/19 goal was to book 10 weddings. I did it! My 19/20 goal is to book 15 weddings & improve my client experience. We’ll see how it goes!

Finally, here are my 12 favorite photos of the past 12 months. In reflecting on them, they’re often the shots that happened unexpectedly. If a shoot isn’t in here it isn’t because I didn’t LOVE it– I just forced myself to cut my work down to twelve images that I think helped to and do define my style.

Thanks for reading. I’ll see you next week!

January 2019. Otis gives Cece a quick sniff during our lifestyle family session.
February 2019. Model: Isabella Barberena
June 2019. The flower boys.
July 2019. Bethany feeding newborn Cora.
August 2019. Nick seeing Juliana for the first time on their wedding day.
September 2019. Hannah getting her makeup done on her wedding day.
October 2019. The Knaack family posing on a bowed oak.
October 2019. Ben and Taylor laying in a field.
November 2019. Iley & Christina & smoke bombs.
December 2019. Megan on her way to see the CVDA party fireworks.
December 2019. Ashley and Joe. Wedding portrait.
December 2019. Sam, with other bridesmaids, get low & quiet for “Twist & Shout”.