Ten Frames: The Knaacks

I went to college with Andy and Bailey. I met them so long ago I can’t really remember how, but I’m sure it was at the frat house down the street from my apartment. Contrary to frat and sorority stereotypes, the PIKE house was a lot of fun and a pretty welcoming environment. I played a lot of Mario Kart (and beer pong) in that house. I knew Andy and Bailey peripherally, but they have always been one of the sweetest couples and it wasn’t at all surprising when they got married. After I graduated, Bailey and I stayed in touch the way you do after college– through Facebook, with an increasingly clear connection that I really value. She’s been a huge supporter of my photography, and I’ve loved seeing her son grow into a beautiful and hilarious kid.

Bailey reached out to me about family photos waaay back in the spring, and we scheduled for them for September only for it to be nasty and rainy out. We rescheduled for the end of October, and honestly, I’m SO glad we did. The colors were amazing. The sun was in the perfect spot. Everyone was in a good mood, and it really helped me get back on my feet after a debilitating recovery from abdominal surgery. This session, as well as the session I’m blogging next week, are a couple of my favorites from the whole year. I felt like I hit my stride with photography and I felt comfortable and capable– probably because the Knaack’s are really sweet and really smiley. I’m so excited to show you my ten favorite frames, which I mostly picked at random because I loved the whole session. Enjoy!