Ten Frames: Sarah & Jamie

Sarah and Jamie were the first people to hire me without having been referred. Kind of a weird distinction, but it was a big deal for me! They found me on Instagram, which I’m on all the time but which usually doesn’t yield clients, and Sarah told me it was important for her that I noted being an inclusive vendor. I’m SO glad, because sometimes I shy away from my politics for fear of alienating folks and then I feel soulless and empty. I absolutely am an inclusive vendor, and inclusivity is important to me. It’s a good feeling to know your clients feel safe with you. 

On the day of their shoot, it was almost going to rain all day– but it didn’t. Sarah, Jamie, Brandon and I all met at Wilson’s Orchard in Iowa City, Iowa. Brandon and I have a lime green Kia Soul, which we all instantly bonded over because they’re great cars and kinda silly looking in the best way, Wilson’s Orchard being one of the most stunning spots in Iowa City, and the general awkwardness of meeting for the first time with a camera. I liked them right away. Sarah is a little shy and very sweet while Jamie is forward and affable. Our session was filled with laughing and lots of chatter, which is great because I think we are all a little awkward. I had such a good time with both of them, and I’m really excited to be there on their wedding day.

At one point during our session, Jamie noted that Sarah avoids PDA because she’s afraid of someone becoming violent towards them. It was something that hadn’t even crossed my mind– I’m a queer woman, but I’m married to a man, so it’s not something I have to think about often. This was a sobering reminder for me, and something I’ve been thinking about ever since. If you spend even five minutes with them, you can tell that Sarah & Jamie have a great relationship built on a mutual admiration and respect. They know each other well, and they take care of each other. I feel lucky to have been granted a glimpse of the mundane and intimate parts of their dynamic. I hope to always provide a space where they can be themselves.

Also, they have a lot of pets, including two rats who are hilarious and star in my some of my favorite Instagram stories. Anyway, here’s ten frames from this beautiful & fun day.