Steph & Leah’s Wedding

Steph and Leah were married on June 8, 2019. They were married in a beautiful meadow where Steph spent a lot of their childhood, in front of a floral, upside down pink triangle to acknowledge, celebrate, and remember the enduring struggle of the queer community. The ceremony was full of personal touches— Steph’s parents read Dante, a friend led us in a sing-along of “Only Fools Rush In”, and the flower boys draped themselves across their mother and the green grass as they listened to the community and personal vows.

After the ceremony, guests drove or rode the bus to Goosetown Cafe where, among other dishes, we were fed the most incredible avocado salad with citrus dressing. I’m still thinking about it. At Goosetown, Steph and Leah listened to a number of touching and funny toasts. They mingled through the overwhelming and loud dining room, the space nearly bursting at the seams with conversation and laughter and children racing around our legs.

It’s been a few days now and I’m still so touched by this special day. In part because I’m invisibly queer and the whole day seemed to open its arms to people like me…but also, I’m touched by the sincerity, and by the honesty Steph & Leah brought to their day. By the love. And by the kindness shown to me throughout our photographic adventures. Even though I missed Sydney and Artemis (their dogs who were boarded for their wedding day) dearly!

Ceremony venue: private location
Reception venue: Goosetown Cafe
Wedding Planner: Cherish the Day
Cake: Sugar Flower Cake Design
Hair: Honeybee Hair Parlor

Thank you to Steph and Leah for trusting me to capture their day!