Ten Frames: Candice & Zack

Just about everything that could go wrong with Candice and Zack’s wedding, did. A missing wedding dress, an inch of rain, a ceremony reschedule, some significant losses and illnesses in the family and among friends…and yet, when the day finally came, the rain stopped pouring much earlier than anticipated and the sun came out and everything went off without a hitch. Minus our perpetual tardiness, but when you have to get the shot, you have to get the shot.

I felt so honored to capture Candice and Zack’s day. There were so many sweet, exciting moments between these two made-for-each other partners. Zack has an effervescent personality and a love for Candice which refuses to be contained, and Candice has a big, emotional heart and dedicates herself fully to every project she undertakes. She goes for what she wants— including Jurassic Park jeeps. I felt very lucky to get to know these two and their funny, endearing, real love throughout the day.

Anyway, I won’t gush anymore. Here’s 10 of my favorite frames from our time together.