Ten Frames: Isabella Barberena

I think I met Isabella at a Pure Romance party where I got excessively drunk and she stayed sober and peaced out early (understandably). We’ve been Facebook friends ever since, which is cool because she has a similar sense of humor to me.

Isabella Barberena is a model, actress, and singer in Minnesota. I knew this before we got together, but I was still really surprised by how effortlessly she moved into different poses. I barely even directed her, because she seemed to know throughout the shoot the most interesting ways to position her body. Considering we’ve barely spoken outside of Facebook & Instagram, I think I was expected a bit more awkwardness? Slowly easing into things? But instead, she effortlessly worked my camera TIL IT WAS DEAD.

If you’re around the Twin Cities, I highly recommend working with Isabella. I mean, hell, the pictures I took of her on the weird stool— some of my favorite ever— happened after she saw the stool and said she had an idea. She knows what she’s doing.